Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Update & Crazy Hair

1.  I just put toddler for a nap and came up to our office so I can give an old coworker a recommendation.   Its amazing how much one forgets in two years.  I had to go back and review some stuff so I can talk in details about her experience.   It kind of made me miss work but oh well.   The coworker will be layed off from her job in a couple of months and she just found out she is pregnant so she wants to get a new job as soon as possible.   I talked to her about a few months ago and she told me that they are TTC.   And then today while we were texting each other about the job she applied for she came out and said that she is 7 wks along and you know my infertile self went to oh my God, she probably tried for 2 months and just got pregnant.  That jealous feeling started raring its head and I had to stop myself and say I am glad she doesn't have to experience the pain of infertility.  And then she texted and said it took 7 months for them to get pregnant and that made me feel a little better.  I real don't like these feelings.

2. On reproductive front I started taking Pycnogenol about three weeks ago.   They say it will take months to see the effect but I had no spotting or brown bleeding prior to AF this cycle.  How cool is that, it just showed up.  The cramps have also been tolerable and I haven't taken Advil since it started yesterday.  In addition I only had faint cramps two days prior to AF.   The flow is also normalizing and it is not scanty anymore.  For the last few months ever months the flow has increased some and no clots.   It seems that the red raspberry leaf tea has helped a lot.  It has been at least three months since I started drinking it.  I am going to add promegnant juice to my daily regim.  I am so done with taking meds.   My LP has lengthen on red raspberry leaf tea alone and we shall see how the next couple of cycles look like.   I am hoping that the Pycnogenol will help with the endo pain.  We shall see. 

3.  DH just started the fall semester.  He only had a couple of days of break but he has been off every afternoon in the summer so its not too bad.  His fall schedule is kind of crazy and he will be teaching two nights so we won't see him until 10 pm on those days.   It is going to be hard on both toddler and I.  We have been spoiled over the summer.  My mom is no longer with us.  She is now living temporarily with my sister who is in the process of an ugly divorce and needs my moms support.   So it will just be toddler and I all day. 

4. We were thinking of putting toddler in daycare for two days a week so she is exposed to other kids.  There is a daycare at DH's work but we can not justify that cost just yet.  She will be going in the spring, by then we should be Ok finically to be able to justify that spending and I am also counting on our tax return.

5. I will leave you with a picture of toddler and her hair :)  Love her curls, it takes a while to moisturize and braid.

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  1. Why isn't my reader picking up your posts? Dang! I'm missing some. Okay, first of all that hair is so dang cute! I love it! LOL. Probably because I don't have to try and style it, but how darling! :)

    My best friend just got pregnant, first month of trying, 5th child. Yeah, I love her and she is an excellent mother so it's a good thing... but I won't pretend that it didn't hurt like hell... she was pregnant within a few days of my miscarriage. I wonder if we ever get over this? I hope you get more time with your husband than expected, I know how hard that is... school and work at the same time. Ugh. So hard! Hoping the meds work. I need to try raspberry tea....